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Hi, I’m Heather,
I’m from a small town in Ireland.  Currently, we are living on the Red Dot, aka Singapore.
When I was working for a Non-Profit, and our website needed recreating, I took on the challenge, but I didn’t have a clue where to start!!  So, I’ve created this website to let you know how what I wish I’d known from the beginning – too much time was wasted looking for the right resources and tools!
On the Red Dot, I am here on a DP visa and due to the recent changes in work permit allocations, it will be quite difficult for me to find work. Not impossible, but not easy either.
My plan is to create one website per month. I can’t charge for building as it would be against the law. But I do want to start building a portfolio, so that should we ever move back home, I will have a career that’s already functioning!

If you are a small business/mom and pop shop and don’t have the time to learn everything yourself and willing to give me a shot,  do reach out to me and if we can help each other, I’d be delighted to do so

Here is my linkedIn profile if you’d like to know more about me. 

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