18 free websites every web designer should know about

free websites for web designers

Every web designer has a different set of tools that they use to create websites. And every website they make is unique in its own way. But no matter who you are or what your style, there are several free websites that can help you design better and faster than ever before. This blog post will discuss 18 free sites that all web designers should know about, because these sites have the potential to elevate your work to new levels! These are also the 18 websites I use on a regular basis!

Free Images

  1. Unsplash is a website that offers high-quality, royalty free stock images for your commercial or personal use. The site has tons of photos and video clips, so you’ll be able to find the perfect image without any hassle!
  2. Pexels is another stock free, royalty free website.

Free Design Tools

  1. Dafont is the number one resource for free fonts. Fonts can be downloaded and can then be uploaded to the font folder on your website.
  2. Graphic Burger has a wealth of free and premium design templates, fonts, mockups etc.,
  3. Adobe Colour Wheel allows you pick a colour and then find matching and/or complimentary colours. It’s a helpful tool to use with your clients.
  4. Colourmind – acts in a similar fashion to Abobe Colour Wheel.

Design inspiration

  1. Behance – excellent source for design inspiration
  2. Dribbble – similar to Behance, but designs have been rated by users.
  3. Awwwards  – are the Website Awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.

SEO Tools

  1. Google Site Kit Plug in – allows you to easily add analytics, search and page speed insights onto your website. This is a fantastic plugin which really gives you all the insights you need to know about your audience.
  2. Google Page insights is also a wonderful way to check out a website before speaking to your potential clients.
  3. Ubersuggest – will give you some SEO information. A lot of valuable information for free.

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Content Inspiration

  1. Answer the Public – wonderful resource to use to build out content for your website. Ask the public will give you ideas of what people are interested in and can be a great inspiration for your blog posts.
  2. Also Asked – is a great tool for getting to grips with the breadth of topical research. It unearths troves of data, in an effective and easy to use way.

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  1. Web Accessibility Tool – This website gives you a check mark and errors to ensure that your website is usable for people with disabilities.
  2. Colour Blindness Test – Believe it or not, 1 in 12 men are colourblind! So it’s worth ensuring that your website caters to these folks.


  1. Privacy Policy Generator – Whilst this may not be perfect for your site, it is a good place to start.
  2. Backlink Checker – Check which sites are backlinking to yours.

These are the ones I use most often. If there are others which you think should be included in this list – please just drop it into comments below and I shall review.

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